In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization in Mumbai

Being a mother helps to bring the unprecedented experience of parenthood. Moreover, the innocence and unfiltered smile of a baby are one of the best cherished moments in a couple's life. Apparently, more than 40% of couples across the nation are still struggling and dreaming of conceiving a baby. However, nowadays IVF is one of the most effective techniques to acquire a better success rate for having a baby. And, if you’re wondering about the Best In Vitro Fertilization Clinic in Mumbai then introducing Sunshine Fertility is entitled as the topmost and most dignified service provider for performing in-demand problems infertility. We own a team of dedicated and specialized doctors with whom you can share every aspect of your problem so that they help you to serve customer-satisfactory services. Most importantly, the uniqueness of our services includes the complete furnished infrastructure and advanced set of technology to perform the better result for the treatment. 

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF treatment is defined as In Vitro Fertilization; moreover, it is commonly known as one of the types of ART which stands for assisted reproductive technology. Through this technique millions of hopes still find the meaning of a smile and also replenish their dream of conceiving a baby. Talking about the term Vitro in IVF is commonly referred to the word outside the body, therefore, the process of fertilization is completely performed outside the mother's womb moreover, the mixing of reproductive gametes namely egg and sperm are fertilized in a test tube or petri dish and for the same, it is widely known as the test tube baby. Most importantly, these modern techniques help to bring feasible results furthermore, in the simplest term, this procedure retains a high-quality success rate. 

Moreover, this technology is highly recommendable and preferable for those women whose fallopian tubes are blocked, have ovulatory dysfunction, or even have problems with endometriosis; however, these factors are caused by multiple health issues. On the flip side, there are also certain male factors that apparently lower the consequences of fertilization. Furthermore, the male aspects include the lower sperm count, mobility of sperm, etc. Although, through our reliable set of services we aim to serve the required results at the best competitive price range.

Procedure of IVF Technique

Healthy Semen sample
Step 01

Stimulation procedure of ovaries

It is among the first stages when the doctor performs the respective analysis and examination, moreover, the stimulation of the ovaries to produce more healthy eggs is being suggested by fertility medicines. Through the Trans Vaginal ultrasound, the proper monitoring of the growth of eggs and tests are performed to ensure the better formation of eggs.

Monitoring the functioning of ovulation
Step 02

Formation of healthy eggs

During this procedure, it is recommended as the perfect time for collecting healthy eggs. Moreover, with the help of a needle, the fluid-like eggs are extracted from the vagina. This procedure is performed under the proper guidance of a well-experienced embryologist. Moreover, it helps to bring result-oriented outcomes.

Determining results
Step 03


It is among the crucial procedures which are lastly performed in the advanced laboratory moreover, in this process the semen sample of a male and collected egg of a female is being fertilized in the lab which is also known as insemination. For this procedure, the embryologist does adequate surveillance of every step performed for fertilization.

Top IVF Centre in Mumbai

Top IVF Centre in Mumbai

We at Sunshine Fertility are counted among the leading and Top IVF Centre in Mumbai. We are the Mumbai-established renowned clinic that serves all the services for IVF technology. Most importantly, with significant years of experience, we have retained momentous growth to meet the exact needs of our patients. Furthermore, with our advanced and innovative technology, we aim to bring change in this respected industry so that many more couples can plan for their beautiful family. Now, it's your time to step forward and contact our credible services.

When is IVF Treatment recommended?

There are multiple factors that lower the rate of pregnancy and conceiving a baby. Moreover, it includes both male and female factors. Most importantly, we at Sunshine Fertility provide the best treatment for infertility problems. Now, we are listing the aspects of who needs IUI treatment.

1) Blockage of the Fallopian Tube:-There are multiple factors that might block the passage of the fallopian tube which eventually creates resistance in the egg to get fertilized and move to the uterus to form an embryo. This is the initial step for the examination of the reason behind the failure of pregnancy.

2) Ovulation:-Ovulation is a process referring to the releasing of eggs from the ovary. Moreover, there are some situations when the procedure of ovulation is absent or even releases inadequate numbers of eggs, therefore, this directly affects the consequences of a positive rate of pregnancy.

3) Endometriosis disorder:-Endometriosis disorder occurs when the tissues of the inner lining of the uterus grow outside the pelvic region or uterus. This reason also directly affects the health of women. This condition lowers the factor of pregnancy and the success rate of convincing a baby.

IVF Cost in Mumbai

IVF Cost in Mumbai

Sunshine Fertility strives to provide the best quality results and the most pioneering service so that every couple can build the hope of having a child. Additionally, if you're looking for the IVF Cost in Mumbai, we are the best option because we provide both the treatment and all the best and most cutting-edge equipment for a desirable investment.

Success rate of IVF Treatment

The success rate of IVF treatment generally stands between 50%-60% which indeed consists of higher positive outcomes from the IUI treatment. In addition, this whole procedure also takes 4-5 visits for acquiring better results.

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Failed IVF Cycle

Sunshine Fertility is counted among the pioneering and most trusted clinics that perform all the in-demand artificial techniques of IVF and infertility. We are the Top IVF Failure Treatment Centre in Mumbai. Moreover, we are frequently working in this respective industry to meet the exact requirements of the couples. And, we know that in this crucial journey of parenthood every couple needs proper guidance and critical analysis of examination for the same, we retain all the necessary technology and equipment that help to bring the required results in the shortest span of time.
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IVF Pregnancy

Sunshine Fertility and IVF Center provide the best IVF Pregnancy Treatment in Mumbai. The post-embryo transfer medications are continued for an additional two weeks after a positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy scans are conducted to verify the location and number of pregnancies. In various cases, we can generally detect heart activity, and we continue to provide medical assistance until the end of three months.
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Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Sunshine Fertility and IVF Center are a reputed and Best Surgical Sperm Retrieval Clinic in Mumbai. This treatment is provided to patient-facing certain ejaculatory disorders or no sperm during ejaculation. It provides a good chance for individuals who want their own child to use ICSI and IVF treatment. With significant years of research and experience, we have the capabilities to make high-quality results in the shortest span of time. Besides this, our team of well-experienced embryologists is diligent to perform all the advanced methods for enhancing the productivity and accountability of our services. 
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Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle FET

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Sperm Donor

Sperm donation generally refers to the procedure of artificial insemination moreover, in the simplest words, it is among the smart decision for women who do not want a sexual connection with their partner or even don’t want to build a connection with any men but still want to experience the journey of motherhood. Furthermore, during the period of pregnancy, the sperm donor would be the biological father of the baby.
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The inability of intended parents or any individual person to not conceive their own child therefore the procedure of surrogacy is among the best alternative options for having experience of parenthood. And, if you’re looking for the Best Surrogacy Center in Mumbai then we at Sunshine Fertility are one of the topmost and trusted clinics that perform multiple methods of IVF and aim to bring the unmatched gesture smile to the face of couples while completing their family with a baby.
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Egg Donor

We have a team of experts who have well-experienced and dedicated to assisting couples in the journey of having a baby. Moreover, with glorifying years of experience, we have made momentous growth to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Most importantly, we serve personalized sessions for offering a comprehensive understanding of every step in this journey.
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Hormone Tests

Hormones are also commonly known as ductless glands. There are various glands that are released and secreted by the hormones; moreover, these ductless hormones directly go into the blood vessels of the body. In addition, these hormones play inevitable roles in the growth of the body, and even these chemical-based substances are also crucial aspects for featuring a positive rate of pregnancy.
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Tubal Patency Test

It is performed by the trusted Tubal Patency Test Centers in Mumbai like Sunshine fertility and IVF Center. The fallopian tube is checked using one or a combination of HSG, SSG, and Laparoscopy with chromopertubation. If needed laparoscopy is performed for a clear and detailed investigation.

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When IVF treatment is needed?

In the simplest term, this treatment is recommendable for those women whose passage of fallopian tubes are blocked or missing. Moreover, it also includes another condition such as the disorder of endometriosis which eventually reduces the results of pregnancy.

Is the IVF procedure painful?

It is among the often asked questions, although the treatment of IVF is generally painless in the rare case, some patients experience cramps and pain.

Are there any side effects of fertility drugs?

Generally, fertility medicines might cause skin infections or irritation. In addition, you can also experience mild pain, headache, and even breast tenderness.

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