Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Mumbai

The unmatched gesture of the baby’s heartbeat and painless kick in the mother's womb is counted among the most cherished moments for starting the new innings of life.  Apparently, there are some cases when some couples face problems that might lower the rate of conceiving a baby. And, in those cases, there are numerous methods and techniques. Moreover, one of the most effective methods is IVF, whereas there are some chances when IVF treatment doesn’t acquire positive outcomes. In addition, the same ICSI treatment is among the best and smartest choices to enhance the outcomes of results. Now, if you’re looking for the Best Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Mumbai then we at Sunshine Fertility are among the most pioneering and renowned clinics that retain all the latest technology and advanced mechanisms of laboratories. These are the inevitable components that help to improvise the treatment and bring the required results to the couples. 

What is ICSI Treatment?

ICSI treatment is commonly known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection which is one of the effective methods of artificial fertilization. Moreover, traditionally there are two ways for the fertilization of the eggs which are generally named IVF and ICSI however, the process of IVF includes fertilization of the egg occurs in the laboratory on the flip side, the ICSI procedure involves the tiny needle which is also called as a micropipette, in this process one high-quality single sperm directly injected at the center of the egg. This procedure might increase the success rate of conceiving a baby. Moreover, after the fertilization of the egg, it would grow for 1-5 days in the laboratory and then be placed inside the mother's womb. 

Top ICSI Clinics in Mumbai 

Introducing Sunshine Fertility, one of the Top ICSI Clinic in Mumbai. With notable years of experience, we aim to meet the exact requirements of our couples. Moreover, we have an in-depth understanding of couples' problems. We have a specialized team of doctors that perform personalized sessions with the couples so they can understand the issue and bring the required possible results. 

Who requires ICSI Treatment?

There are multiple factors that directly impact pregnancy and even lower the rate of having a baby. Now, you have a core understanding of the procedure of the ICSI treatment although, you might be wondering about who needs ICSI treatment. Here, we’re listing all the fundamental reasons for this treatment:- 

  1. Abnormal factors such as lower count, mobility, and morphology of a sperm
  2. Azoospermia:- This is also one of the male factors which are commonly known as zero sperm count. Moreover, this disorder directly impacts the fertility of the egg. 
  3. Genetic Disorders in both male and female gametes 
  4. Multiple time failure of IVF treatment 
  5. In case of blockage of the fallopian tube and even in the condition of vasectomy. 

ICSI Cost in Mumbai 

The ICSI treatment is one of the most effective and trusted alternative treatments for IVF procedures. As it is directly injected into the egg for further fertilization process, this method eventually increases the success rate of having a baby. Moreover, we at Sunshine Fertility are one of the most dignified and eminent clinics in Mumbai. And, if you’re seeking ICSI Cost in Mumbai then you can make the smartest decision with our budget-friendly investment. We aim to serve our advanced technology in all the prime locations of Mumbai.  

Success rate of ICSI Treatment 

The success rate of ICSI treatment is standing between 70%-80% which helps to make result-oriented outcomes and increase the chances of conceiving a baby.

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Sunshine Fertility and IVF Center are a reputed and Best Surgical Sperm Retrieval Clinic in Mumbai. This treatment is provided to patient-facing certain ejaculatory disorders or no sperm during ejaculation. It provides a good chance for individuals who want their own child to use ICSI and IVF treatment. With significant years of research and experience, we have the capabilities to make high-quality results in the shortest span of time. Besides this, our team of well-experienced embryologists is diligent to perform all the advanced methods for enhancing the productivity and accountability of our services. 
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The inability of intended parents or any individual person to not conceive their own child therefore the procedure of surrogacy is among the best alternative options for having experience of parenthood. And, if you’re looking for the Best Surrogacy Center in Mumbai then we at Sunshine Fertility are one of the topmost and trusted clinics that perform multiple methods of IVF and aim to bring the unmatched gesture smile to the face of couples while completing their family with a baby.
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Egg Donor

We have a team of experts who have well-experienced and dedicated to assisting couples in the journey of having a baby. Moreover, with glorifying years of experience, we have made momentous growth to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Most importantly, we serve personalized sessions for offering a comprehensive understanding of every step in this journey.
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Hormone Tests

Hormones are also commonly known as ductless glands. There are various glands that are released and secreted by the hormones; moreover, these ductless hormones directly go into the blood vessels of the body. In addition, these hormones play inevitable roles in the growth of the body, and even these chemical-based substances are also crucial aspects for featuring a positive rate of pregnancy.
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Tubal Patency Test

It is performed by the trusted Tubal Patency Test Centers in Mumbai like Sunshine fertility and IVF Center. The fallopian tube is checked using one or a combination of HSG, SSG, and Laparoscopy with chromopertubation. If needed laparoscopy is performed for a clear and detailed investigation.

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What is the core difference between IVF and ICSI treatment?

One of the most common differences between IVF and ICSI treatment is that in the method of IVF techniques the fertilization of the egg occurs in the laboratory on the flip side the procedure of the ICSI treatment is performed with the help of a tiny needle in which sperm is directly implanted into the mature egg.

Does the technique of ICSI treatment affect the growth of the baby?

It is among the common issues whether the baby is conceived naturally or through artificial methods such as IVF and ICSI. The chances of health disorders in babies in natural pregnancy are standing at 1.5% to 3%. On the flip side, it might be higher in rate than in the artificial technique.

In what case ICSI treatment failed?

The incapability or inability of the sperm is one of the common reasons which directly affects the success rate of the ICSI treatment. Moreover, the failure of ICSI treatment is also affected by nuclear decondensation arrest or premature chromosome condensation.

What are the benefits of ICSI treatment?

The ICSI treatment is one of the topmost and most trusted solutions of the ICSI treatment, moreover, in this process, healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg which enhances the success rate of the pregnancy.

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